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I am only on Gab, Bitchute, and here on my website for now.  Do not be fooled!
Welcome!  Here you'll find my videos, blog posts, and links to various interesting things.
As has become increasingly evident during the "pandemic" of 2020, we are all being controlled & subject to horrifying behavioural modification experiments.  I don't think I need to tell you that all of this is taking a toll on people.  In order to push back against this tsunami of half truths, fear & lies I like to find facts, explore faith, and encourage others to live to their full potential. I enjoy discussing morality, truth, integrity & how to keep sane, strong and whole while swimming in a soup of gaslighting & fake news, smear campaigns & psychological warfare.   My videos can be found on BitChute or through clicking on the VIDEO tab at the top of the page.

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Storm Season Has Begun

25,000+ National Guard stationed in DC. Checkpoints. Razor Wire. Rumors of armed goons ready to attack. Biden's Team scared out of their minds. An inauguration a mere 2 days away? A sitting President who has seemingly disappeared even though he vowed to fight to the end? Censorship rampant? China interfered in the election and the CIA covered it up!? What is happening? This is 4th Generation Warfare. Special Ops. The Storm is Upon us!

For full screen, watch on Bitchute here.

Latest Blog Posts
Cartoon Villains Are Using Real Life Militants To Further the Technocratic Agenda
It was just announced that Bill Gates is the largest owner of farmland in the United States. His control of the food supply is a crucial play in the attempted Technocrat Takeover of the world. Gates et. al. relied on the distractions & intimidation caused by socialist, Marxist radicals to operate under the radar for years - but now that he's out in the open what will become of these radicals?
Published by Polly St. George - 15/1/2021
Expert 'Witness' to Capitol Events says this was a False Flag
Fascinating Interview with Michael Yon via Epoch Times. Yon gives his eyewitness testimony about what he saw at the Capitol on January 6th. In his opinion Antifa were there, were organized and this was a False Flag event.
Published by Polly St. George - 14/1/2021

January 8, 2021

The day is here.

Social Media is purging everyone. I got the boot from Twitter tonight as did General Flynn and President Donald Trump himself. I’m not sure who else but 4chan is lit up with reports of it being “the day” – Possible military action commencing tonight. Please know that this might be complete garbage, but my intuition tells me that something is afoot.

I had a feeling in my gut when I woke up this morning and sure enough reports of bannings & cancelations kept popping up all morning. Brandon Straka’s entire online business got wiped off of Facebook causing 12 people to lose their jobs in an instant. If you recall, Mr. Straka is the founder of the extremely successful (and positive) Walk Away movement. For social media to purge him is indefensible. Of course it is. It’s indefensible for them to have eliminated any of the people I’ve mentioned above, but this isn’t about justice, fairness, legality, freedom, protection or any of the other excuses they give for their actions. There is panic in the air, and a shift of some kind.

19 Jan 2021
Why is DC full of the military?
It's not to protect the Thief from Americans.
But rather it's to protect us and give America back to the people.

Trump will not be sworn in as the 45 president of the Unites States on January 20. Trump will take office as the 19th President of the United Sates on March 4, under the restored republic.

You believe you live in a nation called the United States of America. This nation hasn't existed since 1871 when this country ceased being a nation and became a corporation Belonging to the city of London.
Every time you see an American flag with a gold fringe and a gold tilt attached It represents the corporation not the country. This is the reason you can never make progress financially. This is why the law always seems to be against the average citizen and the elite Literally get away with murder and worse things.

If Biden, Pence, Harris, Pelosi etc. are arrested for their crimes before January 20 there will be no one to assume the presidency.. Since Trump was not certified as the presidential winner by Congress he cannot remain president, if there is no president on January 20 The corporation known as the United States of America will be dissolved.
19 Jan 2021
The military will then become the guardians of the nation during the transition. People will then be given irrefutable proof that the election was stolen by foreign entities and that Trump was chosen by a landslide. Trump then assumes the presidency as the 19th President of the United States.

The last president to be elected before the United States became a corporation was Ulysses S. Grant. Republic restored.
The end goal has always been the destruction of the 1871 corporation and the return of America to the people of the constitutional republic as it was always intended to be.
The next month and a half will be chaotic.
Make sure you have plenty of water food and meds and anything else you need. Comply with the national guard in the United States Marine Corps. They took oath to the nation not the corporation.
Be vigilant and pray. Your nation has returned to you.
Nick Caswell
19 Jan 2021
Hi and thank you for all you are doing.
This might not be appropriate for all but could shed som light on why Trump and Co may seem to be playing delaying tacktics. On the 20th jan at 12:00 there will be and conjunction or Mars with Uranus in Aries with Uranus turning stationary retrograde.. This I intreprete as a massive unexpected change and a return of poweer to Trump whicj trines the sun in his birthchart. Call med crazy. But if you look at the 9/11 assasination of JFK and Hiroshima bombings amongst other events they all occures at similiar astrological conjunctions to the minute. So I conclude that "Trump" is waiting to ride the energy wave of positiv change. Time will tell If I´m mad, my whole family think so.
19 Jan 2021
Hi I appreciate your work you do a great job. Please look into Christopher James at A Worrier Calls he is a fellow Canadian bringing forth the truth about the trespass that has been done to everyone at birth. I hope you can spread this information to your viewers I'm sure you will be interested in getting involved thanks
19 Jan 2021
The Q drops were globalists. It was the same thing as "Operation Trust." I knew from the beginning that it was fake. It was nothing more than a great writer, a novelist. There were no secrets, why? because anyone could read Q drops, which would defeat the whole purpose. The globalists would get the secrets too. Anyone who knows Trump, knows that he is persuaded by whomever gets to Trump. There was no plan. Had people not sat back, eating popcorn, they would have fought to get to Trump. It is the same way people think attorneys have something up their sleeve, but in the end, people find out too late, they could have done better themselves. There is no Plan. If something happens good, it is purely because mass amount of people have been praying, and God heard their cry, and gave Trump ideas.
18 Jan 2021
Hi Polly,

Following you for a while now and want to say that I appreciate your perseverance, wit, not let go attitude and overall positive being.
Not being a native speaker, your calm and clear voice and wel balanced visuals, makes it easy to follow the narrative.
Thank you for all your hard work!

X Tammo
18 Jan 2021
Hi Polly,
Just new listening to you, and I appreciate your depiction of events on the Capital in Washington. I have heard similar sequences from others as well. So it was a setup! This is getting crazier, then one can imagine especially because I just reviewed Orwell’s 1984. The big question is, are we headed towards the events spelled out in the book of Revelation.
If you can speak on any further info you have on the “Great (Global) Reset”.
Thanks Dan
18 Jan 2021
More video of Buffalo boy
18 Jan 2021
Polly, thank you for your service and your show. I am from Ontario Canada Niagara area but now live in Southern California the Desert area. You are waking up mass amounts of honest hard working people. Connecting the dots. We all have to stick together and fight for each other to defeat this sick twisted cabal. Keep your chin up, we have your back. WWG1WGA
Sarah Speel
18 Jan 2021
Hey Polly,
Just wanted to say I'm thankful for that one episode I watched on IPOT and he mentioned you. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have ever learned as much as I have and when I have. Thank you for being a People's voice for the entire world honestly.

You, just like anybody with a conscience that the good Lord has provided, see things from a different perception but with one goal we can share--> and that is world peace. A no longer divided globe.
I attended the peaceful protest January 6th and you could almost sense the Washington monument being guarded by Antifa as well.
It was eery the entire day & stay. The people that still had their businesses open that day.... they wanted this corruption to stop just as much as I, someone who doesn't even live there.

They had signs greeting us above the tunnels, and damn near every historical statue that stated, "Trump lost, fascists get out!" These people do not care for unity.

But the majority, however, does. I think the "Good guys" as you call it-- are only just beginning.
Rainer Heinrich
18 Jan 2021
Polly, greetings from Germany. For 6 month I'm a fan of you. Thank you for your work. You are amazing and I wish you all the best. Love you ;-)
Robert Scranton
17 Jan 2021
Polly...Love you. Is anyone else having trouble getting to these days? Weird days indeed.
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