Housekeeping Notes July 10

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Housekeeping Notes July 10
Published by Polly St. George in News · 10 July 2021
Housekeeping Notes July 10

I apologize for my disappearance. Many things have been going on here including a terrible ear/jaw infection that I’m still dealing with (I’m on the mend though and hope for full energy levels soon.) I’ve just uploaded a new video on my AmazingPolly channels on Bitchute and Rumble, and I’m planning on another on MorePolly very soon so stay tuned!

ALSO I’ve begun to get mail from Canada again. Many of you sent me notes as a test of the system and I’m happy to report that I received letters from:

Linda, AB
Dave T, MB
Anna, ON
Ben, MB
Phil, AB
Amber, SK
Sharon, MB
Christine, ON
Bible from BC
J. Christian, NS

Mystery person who sent a postcard re microwaving masks to kill the ‘black worm things’. (ps I thought about doing this, too, but there’s metal in them!)

It’s still a little weird though, because by far the most mail I have received from my fellow Canucks has been from a province not listed here. Hm. It’s likely that this is summer-related. J People are outside enjoying life rather than sitting on the screen. I’ll keep you updated if anything else develops.

Finally, I’d like to ask how many of you are thinking of leaving Ontario if that is where you currently reside. It’s the worst province for the medical tyranny and there is no end in sight.  In fact, the chief medical officer Keiran Lenin Moore (ok I'm not sure what his real middle name is) has suggested that children should continue to be masked against OTHER viruses now!  Yeah, Keiran, when you decimate natural immunity for a year and a half there is an increased risk of becoming ill from common bugs.  I believe common sense could have told you that, let alone the thousands of professionals who tried to warn of this very thing!

The medical tyrants and their corporate supporters have given license to petty bullies on every corner who feel perfectly within their rights to take verbal swings at me when I'm out and about (but usually only if a shopkeeper has started it first. So brave.)  I've lived through this social climate once already as a child in Quebec and I don't relish the thought of living through it any longer here in Sick Ontario.

Are any of you preparing to leave? If so, where do you aim to end up?

30 Nov 2021
Hello Polly,
Thank you for your work and I love you.
25 Nov 2021
Hi Polly,

It may not be the people's lack of interest in the Kelly Hale video.
On Bitchute the video just hangs for ages and will not play, for me at least.
On your site the video plays, but none of the on screen controls are displayed.
Also the video looks to be displaying the top left quarter of the image as most text is cut off.
I am watching the video anyway for the audio story, which is fine and very inspiring.

Maybe the system is reacting badly to actual people who are, not just talking on a video, but are showing the way to others in real life.

DV Mann
23 Nov 2021
(The following is just my opinion.)

Hi Polly,

Many of the vaccine bad reactions sound like mitochondrial injury.

This includes the light and sound sensitivity, paralysis, immune problems etc.

It also includes the fact that doctors can't figure out what is the cause of the symptoms. Many people with mitochondrial failure can experience all kinds of symptoms, including death, and their blood work comes back normal. This is because standard medical tests are not set up to detect the kinds of changes that mitochondrial disease induces.
DV Mann
21 Nov 2021
(The following is just my opinion.)

A fake small pox pandemic may be coming soon to the world. Maybe in the winter of 2022.

The particle call the small pox virus is an endogenous cellular transport particle.

Most cases of smallpox will probably be asymptomatic. They will test for the particle using PCR that is set to be very sensitive. This will allow for detection of the particle at its normal levels in the human body. This will allow them to quarantine perfectly healthy people. It will also scare people into taking the new small pox medication that the FDA approved earlier this year. (Risk of male infertility is listed as one of its potential side effects)

Real cases of smallpox could be created by the use of injected demethylation agents. These chemicals would demethylate the promotor region of human DNA responsible for initiating the production of the endogenous particle called the smallpox virus. This would cause the human body to massively overproduce this particle, resulting in the disease smallpox.

Demethylation agents of this type could possibly be injected into people as secrete ingredients in commonly administered vaccines.

(All of the preceding is merely my opinion.)
Patty Love
20 Nov 2021
Hello Polly, I wanted to say that your video documentary, 'Freedom is not Free' was amazing and I have been sharing it. Bitchute maybe are shadow-banning you, just like they do with Youtube. I've almost finished watching RAW, I think it was a bit funny about your mum and daughter, and I don't mean to laugh but it is so crazy. Everyday since March 2020, it like watching the movie They Live, by John Carpenter. I was born in Montreal, Canada and later migrated to Europe and then to Australia, about 80kms from Sydney. Everything seemed a okay here for a long time, no mask mandates for children in NSW until October 2021, so we are really late in that regard but they are really after our children. They ramped up the PCR test to 45 cycles, to increase positive cases. The mandates keep changing, first we needed 80 percent, then 85 percent, then 90 percent and now 95 percent full jabbed. The jab passports are the same here, can't buy a pair of shoes if you are not fully double jabbed but you can buy alcohol. Worst to come is the Digital Identity, that will be the end of freedom and linked to everything. Thank you for all the hard work you do, I will eventually send you a book and a letter. I believe you, that postal service/government is playing with your mailbox, so ask people to register their mail to you, a few dollar more is not a problem. I will do that too and send you the receipt number. Love your work, you are amazing! Patty.
graham wood
19 Nov 2021
Polly. Here is the very best comment I have yet seen from Oz concerning the vaccines:

"The differences between all the Covid 'vaccines' on offer and others in past times is revealed in this letter sent to the (NZ) Cairns News. A very powerful comment under the title 'The most clever inoculation ever made'
Rob. As you say, Australia is a full blown tyranny. Austria is quickly following with compulsory 'vaccination' for all its citizens shortly.
The following comment is about the best I have yet seen on the specific vaccine issue from Oz. I posted this today on the Conservative Woman and I believe it is very powerful - see what you think:-.

"The differences between all the Covid 'vaccines' on offer and others in past times is revealed in this letter sent to the (NZ) Cairns News. A very powerful comment under the title 'The most clever inoculation ever made'

Dear Editor.
“Of all the vaccines I have taken in my life like Tetanus shots, measles, mumps, polio, meningitis, TB shots, etc… Never have I heard so many lies and deceptions over a vaccine that says I have to wear a mask and socially distance even when fully vaccinated, and that I could still contract or spread the virus even after being fully vaccinated.

Never had to get tested when I was perfectly healthy and without any symptoms whatsoever.

Never been bribed by the establishments to take a vaccine in order to win a holiday and/or cash prizes or earn ...
DV Mann
19 Nov 2021

There are news report that Africa is doing much better than other countries when it comes to COVID. This is despite the fact that there is almost no access to the vaccine.

Scientist are baffled as to how this can be. They had predicted that Africa would be the hardest hit.

Once the vaccine does make it to Africa it will be interesting to see what happens. I bet there will be a sudden spike in "COVID" cases and death.
Patricia Ryan
19 Nov 2021
Just watched your Raw video and wanted to share the Freedom isn't Free video but your site won't even bring it up (crossed out sound symbol) Rumble doesn't show it. Bitchute doesn't list it. It is all over Odysee but not under your channel.
I've been spreading your videos for the past 2 years ... turned a few cousins onto your awesome journalism. Thank you for all your good work!!!
I'm being shut out by many of my family members because of my extreme & radical perspective. My daughter is fully onboard with whatever this communist canada tells her to do. In her eyes I'm not allowed to change my mind about things I've believed in the past like the school system. These are very trying times ... I'm praying for MIRACLES and we will have them because we have God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit on our side. We Will Win.
I have some juicy stories to tell of my sisters experience with a flu vaccine and the killer ventilator ... Manulife insurance and medical tyranny. Email me and I'll tell the stories.
God bless you!!!
john toet
18 Nov 2021
hi polly. you will probably never see this.

in todays video of 18nov 2021 you talk about something. that resonates with me.
and i have the urge to tell you something.

but i cannot find another way to communicate. no any .
with prime numbers.
as soon as the word comes up. PEOPLE BLOCK.
and there is really thrilling stuff about that subject.

just want to let you know.
all the best
john toet
18 Nov 2021
Hi Polly and Everyone. Hope you're all going well. My internet is fine and i can get into bitchute but it won't actually play any videos. Even older ones. Oh dear. Either bitchute is censoring itself or some other scenario. It's not my settings, they are the same as usual. I have developed a habit of journaling a lot as you cannot discuss many things with most people. And praying a lot. But sometimes I love reading people's comments and adding my own. I like hearing the opinions of video makers like Polly. dear dear. The world around me is deteriorating. People don't even try to focus and listen even when their job involves ascertaining a problem and dealing with it. They don't listen to what the customer says. Even when it's simple straightforward request, they just say gobbledy gook like a politician would. I keep iterating what I need and they get angry even though I'm calm, maybe because someone wants them to do something other than spin bullsh*t words? and they then finally sarcastically say, what do you want then? as if I wasn't extremely clear about that repeatedly already. This just happened to me again today. I'm sick and tired of government encroachment in my life and of anyone else trying to encroach who doesn't even have a law to back them up, they take extra liberties anyway. When I push back and defend my boundaries they get angry. But having workers not responding to clearly worded requests in conversation is a pattern I am hating to see.
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