From You, The Viewers: More Videos about Particles in the Swabs, Masks and Injections and A Throwback Jaw-Dropper from 2003 showing Global Political Control

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From You, The Viewers: More Videos about Particles in the Swabs, Masks and Injections and A Throwback Jaw-Dropper from 2003 showing Global Political Control
Published by Polly St. George in Video Follow Ups · 21 June 2021
Tags: magnetsvaccinespublichealthcanada
I got many interesting & impactful comments and links from viewers - thank you all. (Best audience on the internet!)

Below I'll link to the info from some of those viewer comments, and as for the others I'll use them for my continued resesarch and hopefully be able to put them to use in a video soon.  Keep the info coming! I love it when the input from the comment section is more or less a continuation / expansion of the research I show in the videos.
I couldn't do this without the help of so many aware & active people who themselves are experts in their areas of interest so once again, thank you.

  • VIDEO Jose Delgado and the Internet of Things has some research which overlaps with my "What's With the Magnets" but also contains other fantastic info. And it's not very long!
  • VIDEO Swab Science - Compliation Video of research into the materials found in the swabs
  • VIDEO Graphene Nano Detected in Woman's Brain.  Interesting that he, too, believes graphene is involved.  
  • VIDEO Two Prime Ministers One Speech.  This goes to prove that there is indeed a 'higher authority' guiding our government leaders.  Autralian and Canadian PMs give the identical speech to their respective parliaments regarding the invsion of Iraq.  I mean... what more do you need?

From my POV things are beginning to crack.  I see more & more people waking up and better still I see people beginning to let go of the idea that our current system can be used to get us out of the grip of the tyranny. The current system is irreparably corrupt, and the only answer is for regular people to say the TRUTH, back away from the SMARTgrid technologies, and create the better world that we want to live in.  

Please remember to go out there and enjoy God's abundance!  Smell the flowers, swim in the waters, hike the trails, or just lie in the breeze under a shady tree and daydream.  That's why we're here, after all - as a part of this glorious and perfect natural system that was designed to celebrate all that is good and beautiful.

Until next time....
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A short compilation of World Leaders acting like hostages
reading their lines for the May 1, 2020 EU Coronavirus Pledging Event
(file under: embarrassing)

26 Nov 2021
Love your work, inspirational, clever and concise. While I'm not sure I'm going to survive this ever so boring, seen it all before, rise of the debilitated moronic idiot mind we call human affairs, people have to remember for a majority the money game central banker fascism horror show has been simply a part of life for a very long time. Heck we laud our military for participating in it like they somehow saving our arses by terrorizing innocents for the simple crime of putting their countries on the bankers oil or diamonds or whatever. What I love about you is you join the dots, follow the money and tell it like it is. Ok so now it our turn to be rounded up jabbed or shot, but hey what comes around goes around right? Just a side note the website won't let me select text in the comments whih seems a little over zealous... Legend. Australia is a scary place to be right now, we stupidly put our country on their rare earth mine! Won't make that mistake again, if there is an again. If I die I'm glad to have had you in my life...
Stephen in Arden
20 Nov 2021
Polly, you research, and you speak truth, and you are honest, and you love and you care. These things are why the wicked and iniquitous see you as a threat and why they tamper with your mail, and why they attack you by purging you from YouTube (aka “ThemTube” - James Corbett), and Twitter, and financial mechanisms or services. It will also, as you know only too well, cost you your relationship with any number of family members. Your regard for truth and life and integrity are what drive you. Thank you.
16 Nov 2021
Public health Ontario reporting 520 peri/mycocarditis adverse events ‼️⚠️Ppl are you awake yet💥🚫🐍
27 Oct 2021
May the force be woth you. this was an EVIDENCE for crimes of all these clowns. enouh for us to decapitate them all publicly. wait. it is arriving soon.
FIGHT or die withoutma fight. there is only one solution, Gun
15 Oct 2021
I would add this discovery by an European scientist
Sadly the video is not there on yt anymore
14 Oct 2021
Hi Polly, IBM is using the services of a company named CLX Health LLC to validate compliance with Vax Mandate. Their Privacy Policy states they can share your information with, among others, a Credit Report company. What do you think about that? How should I proceed?
12 Oct 2021
Polly, do you have an email address for notifications?
05 Oct 2021
Amazing Polly,

What you are doing is WRONG, Incorrect, Injustice.
You THINK, you are fighting injustice and pharma demons and bill gatrs demon and rest of the demons of hell. If your distance from the subject of SCAM virus and real GENOCIDE jab and other genocide methods is 1 meter, then your assumptions are correct, you are delusional that you are fighting injustice, and you think you are doing right.

when (if ever), i can make you to i crease your distance to 1 KM and see the big picture, then you will UNDERSTAND/COMPREHEND/SEE that these demons of hell are doing JUSTICE.

how the F... above claim is correct?
answer to that question requires a ton of information that you do not have.

I am willing to educate you, then you will stop doing this promotion.

However, I can suggest you ask, hen i give you the answer. I cannot make you ask. I cannot make you digest and understand.

This was a one off offer.

I wrote the comtact email in your form.
I check email once a month.
Ask, you shall receive knowledge that certainly, positively, 100% sure, you do not have.

Have a happy time

6 Oct 2021
DV Mann
05 Oct 2021
Hello Polly!

A common pattern in the history of virology is that when a new virus is discovered initially people, including doctors and scientist, are skeptical that the disease in question is really infectious.

For example:

1. When polio was first announced to be an infectious disease people said, "That can't be true everyone knows that polio is cause by exposure to toxins, particularly pesticides."

2. At the being of the AIDS scamdemic doctors said, "AIDS is not an infectious disease, homosexuals and drug addicts have always had these immune deficiency problems and diseases. It is caused by their heavy drug use."

In regards to African AIDS it was well know that starvation had always caused profound immune deficiency.

3. When the common cold was announced as an infectious disease people said, "That can't be true. Everyone knows that the cold is caused by sudden exposure to cold. That's why it is called the cold."

In each case however the propaganda that was put out won the day. Eventually people came to believe that virological diseases were infectious diseases.
22 Sep 2021
What are you collecting for, Polly? Are you already royally supported by the tea party, whose lies you spread here. Why is there nothing Bad to spread about republican politicians anyway? It is strange a bit
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