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Polly's Picks Videos

YouTube channel Truth is Stranger Than Fiction discusses gender, genetics and the delusion of digital immortality. Must watch!
In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, host James Lindsay discusses the strategic power of opting out and the role it can play in stopping the madness of the Woke Marxist cult.

SGT with special guest Frank from Quite Frankly discuss the state of the world, specifically the trans insanity that is plaguing the planet. Great conversation with two of the best out there.
Christopher F. Rufo discusses the slow march through the institutions, what it means and how frighteningly effective it has been. He also discusses how this slow march can be stopped dead in it's tracks.

Jennifer Bilek is an investigative journalist, a feminist and a leading voice really looking behind the curtain at who is pushing this TRANS AGENDA!

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