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January 8, 2021

The day is here.

Social Media is purging everyone. I got the boot from Twitter tonight as did General Flynn and President Donald Trump himself. I’m not sure who else but 4chan is lit up with reports of it being “the day” – Possible military action commencing tonight. Please know that this might be complete garbage, but my intuition tells me that something is afoot.

I had a feeling in my gut when I woke up this morning and sure enough reports of bannings & cancelations kept popping up all morning. Brandon Straka’s entire online business got wiped off of Facebook causing 12 people to lose their jobs in an instant. If you recall, Mr. Straka is the founder of the extremely successful (and positive) Walk Away movement. For social media to purge him is indefensible. Of course it is. It’s indefensible for them to have eliminated any of the people I’ve mentioned above, but this isn’t about justice, fairness, legality, freedom, protection or any of the other excuses they give for their actions. There is panic in the air, and a shift of some kind.

I will encourage you to join and/or At the moment however both of those sites are experiencing difficulties. Parler has been removed from the Apple App store. All alternative sites will be under attack now as we are in some dark and uncertain days as the ‘transition of power’ plays out in Washington, DC. It is my opinion that a massive war is raging and – as has been said many times – truth is the first casualty. The powers that be: Big Tech, Corrupt Politicians, Techno-Fascists in World Government, and let’s not forget Big Pharma have aligned and are going for broke. They MUST control the narrative so that they can excuse whatever crimes they are currently committing in their big push to bring the world under totalitarian control.  People are fighting back, myself included, so if you don’t already follow me over on Gab or Parler, please do.  

Do not despair and do not give up. Also.. don’t cling to the way things were. Be honest – there were a lot of problems with the way things were, at least the way things were for the past 20 years or so. We were feeling the soul crushing boot of deadening routine, degraded culture, toxic food, and warped psychology all around us. We are now in a moment that rarely comes along. Klaus Schwab had one thing right – “Now is the moment!” … We too have the opportunity to ‘reset’ the world. His vision does not have to prevail.

The human spirit CANNOT be broken by outside forces. It can only voluntarily submit. We will not submit. Our souls are safe. If we cannot hear from one another for a while due to internet blackouts and the like, please do not forget that it is but a matter of time before we find our way again. WE WILL, even if it takes years. Never give up. Never convince yourself that you are too lonely or isolated to go on. Never stop loving God & giving it over to Him to carry you when you feel broken. Get up each morning and see the breaking dawn which always reminds me that all darkness is temporary. Find joy! Accept that we are moving into a new reality and learn how to sculpt it into a beautiful life. Be grateful & rejoice every time you have the slightest reason to!    

Note that I have a PO Box address for people to send real packages and mail. These are very special to me. To feel the human-ness of the envelopes, the papers, to delight in the little gifts tucked inside! To experience your openness and read the words of inspiration, kindness, and wisdom. To see the photographs of you & your families! That is what it is all about for me! Perhaps in the future we can figure out ways for groups to meet in person (I admit I am very shy) but I’m thinking of caravans & camp outs & even a traveling road show. Wouldn’t those things be wonderful!? Big plans. Big dreams. Never stop dreaming & imagining, because that is how new worlds and ways are born. Through the Holy Spirit to your mind and heart, and finally into reality.

Thank you for being here and for reading this message.
I’ll put out a new video very soon. Find all my videos over on Bitchute:

18 Jan 2021
Polly, Soooo appreciate and enjoy your extraordinary writing & 'BLOG' format, the entire web site, the interactive style and the easy access to your wonderful videos. You have found a beautiful way to give precious 'truth' a clear it! Does not the darkening night brighten the glimmering stars?! THANK YOU and God bless you!
18 Jan 2021
Thank you Polly, my eyes have been opened to so much corruption and things I did not even know existed until it was pointed out. You are so great in your research and presentations! God bless you and your work. You are amazing, please do not stop! You are encouraging and we need that!
18 Jan 2021
Polly you rock! You are very inspiring! Everything about your message feels good. You seem to be able to maintain a groundedness and a connection to peace while slaying dragons. You are much appreciated. You are loved. May you find always sure footedness and balance, may the wind always fill your sails, and may your belly give you pleasure even when it is hungry. Namaste!
18 Jan 2021
I have found EVERYTHING you have discussed, shared and exposed over this past year has been eye-opening, sincere and some of the best go-to information I have seen on the web and any social media. I constantly refer people to your site and I pray you stay well. You are a gift to us! Thank you !
17 Jan 2021
You are the most inspirational woman I have heard speak, I am so glad that I have you in my life! I have been watching for over a year now and have loved every single video! God bless sweet lady...
Light Warrior
16 Jan 2021
Stay true to your journey and ghe divinity of your soul. Those who are part of ghe Great Awakening know your heart.
15 Jan 2021
I'll always find a way to find you. Bitchute for now.

Much love, from another Canadian.
Vancouver, BC
15 Jan 2021
Great stuff kiddo. Passionate compasion mixed with wry humor. Investgative questioning and inquisitiveness reasoning. We really look forward to your videos.
15 Jan 2021
Hugs from Australia. I’ll keep looking for you Polly 💕
Lee Cipolla
14 Jan 2021
Hi Polly.
I’ve been following you for well over a year. Thank you for this message of Jan. 8/21.
I think it speaks to the hearts of many of us who are closely studying the details of events globally at this time and the roller coaster it has become.
Your words portray what we all need to keep in mind and strive to achieve. To be compassionate, to stand strong and assist those who are succumbing to the weight of the truly massive and unimaginable changes humanity is facing today.
You’ve been a voice of sanity and logic as well as compassion in a world gone mad, and are a blessing to so many.
We thank you and pray for you from the bottom of our hearts.
God bless you Polly, for you truly ARE Amazing.
XO 🙏❤️
Andrew Wills
14 Jan 2021
So uplifting. Thank you.
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