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As promised, here is a list (in no particular order) of channels or web sites or twitter accounts of people I have enjoyed & learned from in the past.
If you follow these people & their recommendations for other creators you’ll have more entertainment & news than you can possibly watch or read! J
I’m sure I’m forgetting many, please forgive me.  I’m listing Canadian people / sites in a separate category.


@PoliticalOrgy (Quite Frankly)
@gemmaod1 (Ireland)
@rowancroft (Ireland)
 .... and so many more. Please note that twitter is case sensitive and I might have messed up on that.


Steve Turley
X22 Report
In Pursuit Of Truth (IPOT)
American Thought Leaders
Really Graceful
Quite Frankly
Red Ice (bitchute only)
Truth Factory
Truth Stream Media
You Are Free TV
Pete Santilli
Black Pigeon Speaks
Black Conservative Patriot
Richard Grannon Spartan Life Coach
David Icke
Narcissistic Resistance
Gemma O’Doherty
Computing Forever
Robert BROWN
Patriot’s Soapbox
John B Wells – Caravan to Midnight
Praying Medic
Patriot Nurse
Tracy Beanz
Lionel Nation
Go to for Owen Benjamin Comedy
American Intelligence Media

The Post Millennial
Spencer Fernando
True North
@CanPoli – Canpoli on youtube
Adam Daniel Mezei (youtube)
Julie Mora
@BillyJoyce1976 (Billy Joyce on Youtube)
Laura Lynn Thompson  @LauraLynnTT

Epoch Times
Corey’s Digs
Conservative Tree House
Red Ice (hey GLP!)
Hagmann Report

I KNOW this list is incomplete .. plus there have got to be hundreds (thousands) of writers, vloggers, content creators, researchers, etc that I’ve not yet encountered or who I somehow lost track of over time who would fit right into this list.

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Marianne Bjork
2020-07-15 23:29:34
Sent "Wayfair" link to niece in Sweden who got back with some info about Swedish singer (Avicii) having committed suicide in Oman in 2018. He was following sex trafficking and made this video. Pretty sure he was suicided! Couldn't copy link to here. YT ch Avicii 9/3/2015 "For A Better Day" Worldwide Wayfair?
2020-07-14 23:04:54
Polly, FYI; utub is making the description boxes inaccessable on Android anyhow. Loading vids below, no waynto get to descrip. box OR replys.

P.S., You trip well with ur "spidey senses"; last 2 vids were inspirational!

2020-07-13 16:58:07
Hi Polly, as usual, stunning research on the Maxwell, Epstein WW2 video. Just wondering if you had read this thread, suggesting that Marina Abramovic may be one of Maxwell's 9 children ? Seems plausible.
The day after I saw that, there was a Daily Fail article asking "What happened to R.Maxwell's 9 children?" The article only goes on to list 8. Curious, no ?

Take care, and keep up the fascinating research.

God Bless,

Si. x
2020-07-12 17:48:18
Hello Amazing Polly! I just watched your most recent video on Maxwell/Epstein and today am seeing this article being shared. I think you should take a look as it adds info that you may not be aware of to bring more things into perspective. Thanks for all you do to shine light into the world!! Blessings, Leigh
Maria Pache
2020-07-12 16:42:10
Dear Polly,
I cannot find your email address anywhere on your website and would love to respond to your request of how/when the reality out there and what I was perceiving intuitively did not match.
Just for you to know that I have been practicing spiritual teachings and imparting self help practices for over 40 years which started with an event in my late 20s and have been questing LIFE and its purpose ever since.
Please would you contact me at the above email address if you are interested to hear my side of the story.
KEN (its a Barbie joke)
2020-07-12 01:08:34

the other "wonderful plan". they did 911 as excuse to screw over the Middle East, create the "refugee crisis" as engine to destroy the West with is pretty F'n obvious now looking at the "EU" (old nazi plan) and the "UK".
they wrote+bragged their intent, Kalergi plan, Brzezinski's "Grand Chessboard" elaborating on same...
nazi's Kissinger and GHWB "cracking the bamboo curtain" under Nixon, setting up for economic/productivity sabotage+treason of NAFTA+GATT handing it to China they gave the one child policy to also.. btw...
tore US down, brought in the DOPE, stirred the shit globally so hard that no one will care if WE are destroyed.

the swarms from South America, add Canada's West Coast is FLOODED with Asians, and Canada's East Coast is flooded with "I-SLAM". they do not want to NUKE the "bread basket to the world" that WE American people BUILT... which has been bought+stolen by GLOBALISTS... Bayer owns MonSATAN now, I.G. Farben anyone? the PLAN is invade our mostly disarmed heavily populated coasts from North and South, then with "United NAZI-ONS" backing, sweep through the middle to wipe US out. nukes are bad for the farmland they now own.

it doesn't take a military tactician to see this, and I'm not one!

Japan has had a big hand in this with the technology and we're told SONY is Japanese when its an acronym for Standard Oil New York. look who got their hands on a majority of the "Hollywood studios"... now of course it's been slid into hands of the Chinese.
RECENT NEWS telling that Gavin Newsom has money laundering schemes going on with China and that he's got warehouses of kits to turn typical "assault rifles" we have, into fully automatic weapons. all OUR deep water ports have been handed over to China over the last 20-30 years, we're kept in the dark about that fact.
this is ALL relative to your last two BOMBSHELL videos (and so many of your others!).

I'm the worst "secretary" ever.. tons of info in my head but never save addresses of the sources, because its IS all so Machivellian... like opening the back of a pocket watch to see all the gears, how they are related, and seeing the bigger picture (as children and some adults today cant even read an analog clock?! can't make change unless the electronic cash register tells them how much money to hand back?!), we're in bad shape!
if this AWAKENING doesn't happen right, we're ALL at risk of being dragged straight over the cliff by the rest of the PROGRAMMED LEMMINGS... who have no clue about how retarded suppressed and controlled they really are. (yeah its not good to be seeing other people who ARE like that!)

my early college days I knew, back in 1981 also did a cartoon computer monitor with the "welcome screen"
Societal Authoritative Technology Against Nations... SATAN for short because I was already aware+angry about HOW it was being used.... in ANY office "well my computer says".. like when getting the now mandated auto insurance, or needing unemployment benefits, or at a "doctors office". they don't look at or listen to the real person right in front of them talking to them... its "well my computer says"!

it really doesn't take an intuitive low level psychic to see whats going on... but I AM ONE (oops!)
-of course its all just "crazy conspiracy theory". just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not all out to get ya! what a cliche, have an original: "in a nutshell or in a nuts hell, a little space makes all the difference"
-of course that's the point, these NUTS don't want anyone to have ANY space! :)
KEN (its a Barbie joke)
2020-07-12 00:14:53
reply to your latest YouTube video hoping you'll see it Polly..

not too much at once at all! things I knew, that you've researched to put the names and faces to. Bohemian Club (grove!) "world leaders", "captains of industry and science" etc.. the club has its roots in old darker pagan/luciferian Germany. "cremation of care" ritual child sacrifice? YUP! big banks wall street "red shoe club".. YUP! our President has said it "they're not even human", which Linda Paris talks about often, is NOT just "conspiracy theory" either. we've seen some "shape shifts", they can take human form, they can POSSESS humans too if they fracture their mind+soul enough, and they can OWN people "Epstein style" too.
don't stop hitting these bases loaded home run HITS Polly. I've been awake since college days age 16-17 is now over 40 years ago...when I wrote

say no to drugs, the big campaign,
expose the children's little brain,
tell them NO and they'll say YES
soon to buy "the nations best"
imported by the government
distributed to sell
they advertise their business
to put your mind in hell.
tabulated users afraid of being seen
continue pouring money to
the global death machine.

is just the beginning of that long epic "poem" that continued to the younger street "life" perspective rammed down our throats about what's cool and not cool... then a few years after writing that poem, how they switched Mtv from rock to rap. Soros said he was going to USE Black people/groups... pretty easy now that there's 2nd and 3rd generation crack-heads to manipulate, who now DO think being a criminal is a RIGHT. the accusation "racist" being used BY racists who aren't even smart enough to comprehend that they ARE the racists, trying to silence/unperson their target/victim TO gain unfair advantage... just like old racist nazi Soros wants them to DO! I'm no racist, there are only TWO kinds of people: those who will take unfair advantage or victimize others, and those who will NOT! skin color has zero to do with that, its all about how you're raised. here comes BLM terrorists wanting to destroy the nuclear family for everyone instead of trying to restore good family values in "Black Communities" that need improving but are kept GHETTOS with "welfare" and its "get that MAN out the house" policy, HUD subsidized rent slavery when HUD was supposed to help the poorer (any skin color) become home OWNERS... which sure ain't what they're doing now! these plans DO go back a long way, LBJ with his "keep them voting democrat for the next 200 years", gee what a wonderful program?
end part one.. to be continued.. because I kinda rant too Polly :)
2020-07-11 20:08:36
Great Resource
Jan weaver
2020-07-06 08:25:44
Didn’t realize all I wrote would be public. Oh well. I also highly recommend the Corbett Report, James Corbett. He is thorough and always has links to back up what he says. I, too, love “Really Graceful”. Somebody else who is not on your list is Ben Shields with “The Right Media”. He is a young man who gives me hope for the younger generation.
Jan Weaver
2020-07-05 23:24:42
Polly, Your video said your email would be on your website but I cannot find it. I sent you $50 on paypal recently but you said they have changed things and you can’t see the messages. My husband set up the account so I’m not sure my name or email is even linked to it. (His name is Kym Weaver & old email was I have been trying to reach you and say I pray for you so often and had asked God to lead me to solid, factual alternative media and he sent me to you (among a few others). I am so very grateful for what you have taught me. I cannot believe the things you find out! It has to be that God is leading you. I live right outside of Chattanooga, TN on Lookout Mountain and it is a sleepy little rather isolated community. We have been looking for some acreage out farther on the mountain because I am convinced that even here, we will be “coerced” into things we do not want to do. I have been a follower of Jesus since 1972 and want to honor Him with my thoughts, words and actions. I planted a bigger garden this year since I’m rather convinced that they will use food against us. I LOVED your idea of organizing a small town but could never ever survive Canada, plus the growing season isn’t long enough. I sew, smock, bake, garden, can, knit, crochet, make jewelry, appliqué, macrame, paint, do home repairs, love challenges, have been an editor, florist, teacher. I’m a very hard worker, don’t give up easily, am fiercely loyal and have a strong sense of right & wrong, fighting for the underdog. I’m not sure how valuable any of that is, but I would contribute.If you are ever in a position to visit our area. I would consider it an honor to host you. I have a husband of 41 years, 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren. One daughter lives near us with her husband and our youngest and her family live with us. We are all against these lockdowns and definitely against forced vaccines. None of my grandchildren have had any vaccines. I have Parkinson’s disease and my husband has cancer. We have enough going on. I wanted to tell you about something I heard on another video that you might be interested in. There is a book called “Magnetobiology” by Vladimir Binhi (it’s on amazon and you can read parts for free) but he talks about how 5G affects oxygen uptake of hemoglobin. I think there is some sinister reason they are rolling this out so feverishly. Anyway, I admire you greatly and pray for protection and discernment so you can continue to equip the saints. Blessings. Jan Weaver P.S. Put on your armor every day. You mustn’t try to fight without it!
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