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The politics of appeasement is a losing strategy. I look at three recent examples of people who did their best to appease but who got whacked by the Progressive Cult anyway. (sweet justice!) In the second half I give you my philosophy on how we WIN this war simply by demonstrating our strength every day.
I recommend 6 videos from several experts in their fields who all seem to be pointing in the same direction. They and I comment on the scamdemic, the proposed vaccines, the overthrow of our financial system & the Marxist riots.  This is - without a doubt - the attempted imposition of the Technofascists' dreamed of Digital Gulag called the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Could these protests turned riots and the virus lockdowns be part of an organized attempt at a revolution or insurrection?  It looks like we're experiencing 4th Generation warfare with our enemies exploiting the gray zone.
I have to set the stage, so BOOM comes at about 10 minutes in. This is HUGE!  Medical Ethics should be front and center right now what with Big Pharma and NGOs like the Gates Foundation trying to rush an experimental RNA vaccine to market.  In this video I uncover a MASSIVE conflict of interest in the US.  Who is Christine Grady?   BONUS BOOM near the end.
The leaders of Tanzania & Madagascar are pushing back and bringing the evidence! I cover two stories that make me believe there could be a shift in "Global Health" away from predatory pharma companies.  Africa has been so abused by that system for so long, it is GREAT to hear leaders push back during this pandemic!
I look at Patrick Vallance & the UK's formerly secret Science Advisory panel which leads me to more Global Healh Mafia connections... and a connection back to the current self-described 'whistleblower.'  Turns out they are all vaccine pushers, of course.
Citizen journalists are on the case! More connections come to light.
First half - Wuhan Virology Lab links Second half - Victor Dzau is EVERYWHERE. His fingers are in the MODELING as well!
Also, more on Contact Tracing NGO 'Partners in Health.'
BOOM revelations get bigger as we go along.
Stay with me!
Fauci, Event201, Foundations ...and something called the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.
I expose the front organizations covering for the Global Health Mafia.
Video outline:
1. Article about Flu Numbers has been disappeared;
2. The Technocratic vision of the future, a reading from the WEF;
3. My pitch for a different possible future.
The Public Health mafia (including the Clintons) are speaking in military language about an "army" of "front line" "agents" to question the associations & whereabouts of anyone who tested positive for the stupid v-i-r-u-s. I have lots to say.

Put on your seatbelts, you're in for a bumpy ride. I show you how so-called 'philanthropists' use language and veneers to hide their bad deeds as they de-humanize us.  These people are like vampire aliens determined to hijack free will.
PEPFAR is the brainchild of Anthony Fauci.
Deborah Birx currently heads it.
PEPFAR is rife with Fraud and Abuse.
NIH also = Anthony Fauci.
In this video I talk about my decision to 'quit' twitter, the technocratic revolution, and how people are being driven apart.  We should start PRESERVING our way of life in a parallel society NOW. In the real.
The Center For Disease Control has become the Marketing arm of "Global Heath's" vaccine mania. What person is the main Vaccine Maniac?  Bill Gates.  RFK Jr seems to agree.  Lots of info in this video.
**UPDATED with intro to correct mistake in original.**
BOOMS in here. Details on the background of Maeve Kennedy McKean. MORE blatantly FAKE news caught using footage from medical Simulations and MUCH more. Jam Packed so grab a pencil!
You can watch more of my videos at either BitChute or YouTube.
Amazing Polly
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