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In the first half I show you a link I found between the Finders case & the McMartin PreSchool case.
In the second half I introduce some deep swamp activities & personalities in the state of Virginia.
Do these things all relate to one another? I think they do.
Something "SPECIAL." A little Christmas Cheer! Huge happening at the Bank of England (toot! toot!) and SpyGate revelations. Throw in a little Rudy and Ukraine and hot diggity I think we've got ourselves a pair of handcuffs!
CALLED IT!  Today I got two proofs of my own. Instincts on target. Some info on the creatures who came out from under rocks today, plus a guess at who might be next.
Will Soros try to crash the bank of England again? What does Taylor Swift have to do with any of it?  Probably nothing, but this is a bit of fun
Using original police records, I pull some threads on the Finder’s Cult that I haven’t seen pulled – is there a connection between the Finders cult & BCCI?  Who is the David Ammerman who visited his brother in jail? Could it be that the Finders were part of Information on Demand, the company started by Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister?
All the world’s a stage, and they want you to believe their story is real. I give you some examples of faked reports that led us to war and then I introduce very unlucky people who were at multiple tragic events.  I move on to one example of why they tell stories and then show you a theory as to how they are able to do it.
If he does, is he in charge of the powers on this Earthly plane? I look at some revelations from various sources, I discuss secular materialism's failure to change our society for the better, and I show some examples of the Anti-Christ spirit at work today.
Chat time!  First, I need to explain my comment about concern trolls, next to share some things I've gotten in the mail, and finally to tell you how much reason there is to have hope & faith in our fellow man. There are so many people holding their candles now .. it's getting brighter every day! W W G 1 W G A!
This whole thing with the Imam of Peace, "Alan Bender" and wild accusations against Qataris. I just don't know. It seems fake. And it makes me mad because terrorism, political influence & abuse are serious matters.  The online PR campaign that is being run for this thing leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth... but I could be wrong. We'll see if they ever produce anything remotely authentic.
The Storm seems like it is here!! DEEP STATE and the mockingbirds are in FULL PANIC from where I am sitting.  In this video the new dig starts at about 10 minutes in but I also go over the fact that my last video was very sneakily taken down!
You can watch more of my videos at either BitChute or YouTube.
Amazing Polly
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