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Witnessing abuse/bullying takes more of a toll on people than actually being bullied. I believe that the powers that be use social media to make us all witnesses to injustice in order to try to psychologically break us.
The Criminal Progressive Mafia are now ruining Opportunity Zones & the Iowa Caucus. They are well organized and their sole aim is to keep their scams going.
Let me explain...
You guys are a HUGE part of this channel, so today is about talking back, show & tell, and sharing the work of a fellow creator.
1. I reply to comments on my "Fight The Small Battles" video;
2. MAIL!
3. MAGAMAN meme!
Let me introduce you to a little girl who had a pretty bad day at school and the adults who missed an opportunity to make things better. No hard feelings towards the mom - she's raising a stellar girl and should be very proud.
And this is the world they are building
Q: What do the CIA & the Mafia have in common?
A: Large Unassimilated (censored) Communities.
This video was inspired by research into the Impeachment witnesses Alexander Vindman, Marie Yovanovich and the other guy - Voldemort. He Who Shall Not Be Named.
The Democrats must know that Trump is going to walk away with this election... so they need another fake narrative that they can play over and over right up till voters go to the polls.  They would also love a reason to do another round of mass deplatformings.  The last time they did this it was after an event in Charlottesville, Virginia.  This latest pro 2A Virginia thing scheduled for Jan 20 is shaping up to be used to create another false event to give them the reasons they need to do it all over again.
Rambling thoughts on why we can't keep on chasing the latest outrage.. and on what we really need in Canada to turn this country around. I also show off my new #QuiteFrankly shirt which is so awesome!!
Who were the people on the downed Ukrainian Airlines flight out of Tehran, Iran? Most passengers were bound for C-a-n-a-d-a.. why?
Is this a re-run of the CIA's Project AERODYNAMIC?
What clues are there that the True North is infiltrated by operatives from that middle eastern country?
Starring: John Kerry. Obama. Valerie Jarrett. Peter Strzok. Lisa Page. Frank Guistra. Bill Clinton. And special appearances by many other creatures with names known and unknown (until now!)
In the first half I show you a link I found between the Finders case & the McMartin PreSchool case.
In the second half I introduce some deep swamp activities & personalities in the state of Virginia.
Do these things all relate to one another? I think they do.
You can watch more of my videos at either BitChute or YouTube.
Amazing Polly
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