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Nov 3, 2020 - Trump will Win, But

I talk about the election, our place in the world, demons, tech, and I give updates on my own situation.

The Technocrats / Globalists have created a no-win situation. Their plans to contest any result with mass rioting & media lies are now part of the post election landscape and will serve to bring in the Great Reset (unless Trump unleashes the military via the Insurrection Act and I pray he does.)
This Suff is Real      Oct 22, 2020

I end with some fun.. but first I have to go through the bad part. And that is this: The military is after us, the "journalists" are after us, "Big Tech" is after us, Deep State is after us. I show you exactly how the system is using every means at its disposal for political persecution... and it's not just online personalities they want to get to. It's every single one of us. I talk about the Biden laptop, NBC news doxxing queen, more deplatformings, Steve Bannon with Rudy Guiliani and more. Don't forget to go see the pitch to fund an Emergency Injuction against Google!!
Update on the Purge - Technoligical Harrassment
Oct 20, 2020

Have the wrong opinion? You will be burned to the ground. That's what is happening to an increasing number of people - our ability to buy & sell, contact our people, use the bank, use the phone, etc is not only under threat but absolutely under their tyrannical control. I talk about the insane level of technological harassment I and other have been subjected to in the past week. I must say once again that we should NOT BE AFRAID. This was expected. We fight on!
Truth Purge - YouTube Got Rid of Me      Oct 15, 2020

I'm not worried about it but I do want to talk about a few things. First, the purge. Then the idea of truth and the Grand Delusion. Then a few personal things about my faith and the direction I'm going.

God bless you all!
It's Your Funeral - Stand Up Now      Oct 2, 2020

The COVID measures are an attempt to bring in worldwide totalitarianism. I try to show you a wide view in this video. At first I talk a little about the history of the Q movement and "the calm before the storm".
NOTE: I say it's a 2 year anniversary but it's really 3 years.
Mostly this video is about remembering who you are and paying the LOW COST now  while it is still possible to stand up to tyranny.  I talk about a recent funeral service that broke my heart, I show a portion of Trump's Warsaw speech and I try to show how we are in the midst of a totalitarian WAR.
People In Dark Shadows      Oct 02, 2020

There's at least one big boom in here, and depending on whether or not you're familiar with the swamp, this whole report might blow your mind. A week ago Trump mentioned that the violence in the US is being funded by 'people in the dark shadows' ... on that same week a Senate report came out detailing the shenanigans & connections to Hunter Biden.  In this video I pull on one tiny, under-reported thread from that report to shine light a couple of people lurking in the background.
Cuties and Useful Idiots      Sept 16, 2020

The Cabal of Global Oligarchs is losing control of the narrative they've kept under wraps for so long and the cover-upperers have gone berzerk in their effort to hide what they are doing. In this video I look at the latest anti-anti-human trafficking pieces from the media, as well as the reaction to a new, revolting Netflix film.
A Coup in the Making      Sept 10, 2020

This might be the most important story out there right now. Deep State is openly planning how to subvert the election results and they are planting the seeds of the narrative as we are distracted.  The second half features a retured army Colonel and JAG officer giving a warning of the dangers he sees.
The Tangled Web of Cover Upperers      Sept 4, 2020

In this video I expose one of the major tools that both Corrupt State Department officials & phony 'Fact Checkers' use to stop the spread of news that threatens their Global Corruption Racket!  Are the riots in the US linked to the same shady apparatus is covering up the Ukraine scandals?  Are the child trafficking cover-upperers using the tools, too?
You can watch more of my videos on BitChute.
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